Sam Posey at Tyler Graphics, Mount Kisco, New York, 1987
Gift of Kenneth Tyler 2002
Photographer: Marabeth COHEN-TYLER

Sam Posey was born in New York City in 1944 and is perhaps best known as a racing car driver. His distinguished racing career included drives at the Grand Prix, the Indy 500 and Le Mans. Having retired from racing, Posey became a motor sports commentator and sports journalist, and published two books—The mudge pond express in 1975, and a personal memoir, Playing with trains, in 2004. He is also a designer and artist. Posey studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in New York and received a bachelor of Fine Arts in 1966.

He worked at Tyler Graphics from 2000–2001 to create three print editions. Goodbye Kisco Avenue, Artist and model and Odyssey were executed in Posey’s usual brightly coloured, jagged abstractionist style.
Emilie Owens

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Born New York City, New York, United States of America

Drives racing cars and becomes one of the most prominent figures in American motor-sport

Receives Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, New York

Begins career as motor-sport commentator

Book, The Mudge Pond, published      

Creates print series, Artist and model, and, Odyssey, at Tyler Graphics Ltd, Mount Kisco, New York     

Creates print series, Good-bye Kisco Avenue, at Tyler Graphics Ltd, Mount Kisco, New York

Included in exhibition, 11th Exhibition of prints from Tyler Graphics archive collection, Center for Contemporary Graphic Art and Tyler Graphics Archive Collection, Fukushima, Japan    

Book, Playing With Trains, published      

Sam Posey currently lives and works in Sharon, Connecticut

Emilie Owens  2007
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