Rikio Takahashi

An original member of the First Thursday Society of Japanese printmakers, Rikio Takahashi’s work formed part of the resurgence of artist printmaking in Japan following the Second World War. Born in 1917 in Tokyo, Takahashi originally trained as an oil painter, moving his focus to printmaking as a pupil of Onchi Kôshirô between 1949 and 1955. Abstract art was banned by the Japanese government during wartime, and the 1950s saw its rebirth as the foremost style of contemporary Japanese prints. After Takahashi completed his training under Kôshirô, concentrating primarily on woodblock techniques, he studied further at the California Institute of Art, and remained active in printmaking until his death in 1999.

Takahashi’s collaboration with Kenneth Tyler followed a strong tradition of artistic exchange between America and Japan in the post-war period. Titled Nest, the print in the NGA collection was produced at the Gemini workshop in 1965. It is representative of Takahashi’s typical mode of abstraction, with depth created by tonal layers and the image vaguely reminiscent of the natural forms Takahashi found so inspiring. 
Gwen Horsfield


Born in Tokyo, Japan

Included in annual exhibitions, at College Women’s Association of Japan, Tokyo from this date

Receives prize at Tokyo International Print Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

Solo exhibition, Michu Gallery, New York

Completes edition of Nest, at Gemini Ltd, Los Angeles

Solo exhibition, Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

Included in Xylon Trienniale, Switzerland

Solo exhibition, Elko Gallery, Paris, France

Solo exhibitions, Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo and Yamada Gallery, Kyoto

Solo exhibitions, Nakatomi Gallery, Tokyo; Eas Gallery, Hawaii; Galerie Mediane, Paris and Baiodo Gallery Arashikawa, Hokkaido

Included in Xylon International Woodblock exhibition, Switzerland

Included in exhibition, Japan Print Association, Tokyo

Included in exhibitions, Contemporary Japanese Wood Engraving, Germany; included in exhibition, Japan, Print Association, Tokyo

Solo exhibition, in Nagano

Included in exhibition Xylon International Woodblock Triennial, Switzerland

Kate Buckingham, 2007
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