Kenneth Tyler’s extraordinary workshops gave artists the opportunity to push the limits of printmaking in any direction they chose. For this environment to succeed, Tyler chose a dedicated and highly skilled team of printers. To achieve a true representation of the collaborative nature of the projects undertaken by TGL we have compiled a page dedicated to the staff that made them possible.

This page will be updated as we contact more members of the Tyler Graphics team. If you – or someone you know – worked with Tyler at any of his workshops, please get in touch at the following address:

  • Kimberley Bursic
  • Roger Campbell
  • Kathy Cho
  • Marabeth Cohen-Tyler
  • Chris Creyts
  • Bob Cross
  • Tom de Bolt
  • Barbara Delano
  • Kevin Falco
  • Betty Fiske
  • Lee Funderberg
  • Lindsay Green
  • Kim Halliday
  • John Hutcheson
  • Paul Imboden
  • Richard Karnatz
  • Rolf Kaul
  • Anthony Kirk
  • Rodney Konopaki
  • Mark Mahaffey
  • Jed Marshall
  • Brian Maxwell
  • Henry McGee
  • Duane Mitch
  • Michael Mueller
  • Susan Oehme
  • Steve Reeves
  • Yasuyuki Shibata
  • Paul Stillpass
  • Tom Strianese
  • Kim Tyler
  • Kay Tyler
  • John Wagner

Further information will be added to this site as the National Gallery proceeds with its research and documentation.

Last updated January 2017