The Workshops

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Kenneth Tyler using a brayer to ink a woodblock for Ed Baynard's The Dragonfly Vase on the lithography offset press bed, Tyler Graphics Ltd.workshop, Bedford Village, New York, 1980. Photographer: Lindsay Green

Nancy Graves, Approaches the limit of I, 1981

Bedford Village, New York

In 1973 Tyler again felt the need to go it alone. Leaving behind the success of Gemini GEL on the west coast, he headed east to set up Tyler Workshop Ltd in Bedford Village, New York. This workshop became Tyler Graphics Ltd in 1974: the name under which all future Tyler prints were published.

Situated about 55 kilometres from New York city in a coach house built in 1850 life at the Bedford Village workshop began in direct contrast to the fast pace of Gemini GEL. Tyler again collaborated with Albers on the workshop’s inaugural edition, the Gray instrumentation series from 1975.

Of course, Tyler Graphics Ltd did not remain quiet for long. In 1978 the swimming pool in the backyard inspired David Hockney to create his Paper pools series in paper pulp. Other artists – including Kenneth Noland and Ellsworth Kelly – also experimented with the possibilities of paper pulp. By 1980 Tyler had hosted an impressive new list of artists including Nancy Graves, Michael Heizer, along with old friends from Gemini GEL like Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella. Being close to the vibrant art world of New York allowed Tyler to build lasting relationships with many artists, including members of the Abstract Expressionist school: Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell and Joan Mitchell all worked on several projects at Tyler Graphics Ltd in Bedford Village.

After fourteen years – and despite many renovations – Tyler Graphics Ltd had outgrown the workshop at Bedford Village: it was time to move again.

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