David Salle was born in Oklahoma in 1952 and grew up in Kansas. He developed an interest in art at an early age and attended life-drawing and other art classes outside normal school hours from the age of eight. After completing school he studied at the California Institute of the Arts where he received his BFA in 1973 and his MFA in 1975. Having completed his formal training, Salle relocated to New York where he developed a broad range of working methods that included relief printing on canvas.

In 1994 he worked at Tyler Graphics on the multimedia print series High and low. Featuring magazine excerpts in a collage effect, these prints recall Salle’s early days in New York during which he worked in the art department of a pornography magazine. In 1995 Salle directed the film Search and destroy, produced by Martin Scorsese.The High and low prints reflect this interest in cinema, invoking ideas of montage and splicing.
Emilie Owens

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