George Rickey was born in Indiana in 1907 but grew up in Scotland after his family relocated there in 1913 to accommodate his father’s work. Rickey studied painting and drawing at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art while taking a history degree at Oxford. He then travelled to Paris where he furthered his interest in art at the Académie Lhote and the Académie Moderne. He returned to the United States where he taught for a short time at the Groton School in Massachusetts before settling in New York in 1933.

At this time Rickey’s art practice was centred upon painting, however by the early 1950s he had begun to experiment with the kind of kinetic sculpture that earned him fame. In 1965 Rickey worked at Gemini Ltd to create two of the lithographs held in the National Gallery’s Kenneth Tyler Collection. Untitled and Drawing for sculpture were intended as designs for later sculptural works.
Emilie Owens

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