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Light Moves Contemporary Australian Video Art

Display dates

18 April – 20 July 2014




Focus Gallery (Level 2)

The body moving in space...

a theme that has played a prominent role in the history of video art since the sixties


The select group of artists displayed in Light moves: contemporary Australian video art continue to explore the possibilities of the medium in poetic works which speak to their own personal interests and histories.

The focus display includes:

  • Daniel Crooks's who uses a number of techniques including stop-motion animation and time-lapse to create his distinctive and intriguing works as seen in Pan no. 9 [Dopplegänger] (2012).
  • David Rosetzky's Half Brother (2013) that grew out of Rosetzky's experience of sorting through the possessions of his father, a graphic designer and artist, after his death.
  • Centred pataphysical suite (2009) shows Shaun Gladwell, and five other performers—each an expert in skateboarding, breakdancing, classical dancing and BMX riding—revolving on the same axis around various still points and structures in urban settings.
  • Escape artist: castaway (2009) shows the artist, Julie Rrap, in a physically challenging situation, entangled within a disorienting space. The piece explores the way in which women have been trapped by societal expectations, and perhaps how women find themselves inescapably perpetuating such realities.


Light moves: contemporary Australian video art art aims to highlight some of the newer additions to the national collection as well as the extensive video holdings collected over the past 40 years with monthly screenings of video art from the collection for the duration of the exhibition.

Daniel Crooks Pan No. 9 (dopplegänger) (detail) 2012, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, purchased 2012

Sunday 18 May | 2 – 4pm
A selection of important video work of the late 60s, 70s and 80s by pioneering video artists including Australians Peter Callas, Stephen Jones and Mike Parr and International examples by Nam Jun Paik, Cheryl Donegan, Bruce Nauman and Bill Viola.

See May screening program (PDF 198kb)

Sunday 22 June | 2 – 4pm
This month's theme: the 1990's
See June screening program (PDF 458kb)

Sunday 20 July | 2 – 4pm
This month's theme: the 2000's and beyond
See July screening program (PDF 292kb)

Screenings are FREE | Small Theatre.