Light moves
Contemporary Australian Video Art

Travelling dates + venues

  • MAGNT, Darwin, NT
    until 31 Jan 2016
  • Cairns Art Gallery, QLD
    12 Feb – 10 Apr 2016
  • Broken Hill Art Gallery, NSW
    6 May – 19 Jun 2016
  • RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
    1 Jul – 20 Aug 2016
  • Academy Gallery, Launceston, TAS
    2 Sep – 30 Oct 2016
  • Geraldton Art Gallery, WA,
    16 Dec 2016 – 11 Feb 2017
  • Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, WA, 18 Feb – 16 Apr 2017
  • Nautilus Art Centre,
    Port Lincoln, SA,
    30 Apr – 4 Jun 2017
  • Mildura Art Gallery, VIC,
    18 Jun – 27 Aug 2017 



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Bodies of all kinds moving in space. This phenomenon has been explored in a myriad of ways by artists ever since video art took off as an exciting new development in the 1960s. The select group of works displayed in Light moves: contemporary Australian video art continues to further the possibilities of the medium in poetic works that speak to their own personal interests and histories.

The exhibition features work made between 2009 and 2014 by some of Australia's most internationally-significant video artists; Daniel Crooks, Hayden Fowler, Shaun Gladwell, Gabriella and Silvana Mangano, David Rosetzky, Julie Rrap and Christian Thompson.

The presentation of work by these artists is accompanied by an engaging program of Australian and international video and experimental films created over the last 40 years and drawn from the NGA collection.

The seven works featured in Light moves explore the possibilities of movement, in most cases the body moving in space, in contemporary video. Each is an example of contemporary storytelling, inviting viewers to think about the place and significance of real bodies in a contemporary world. A world which is increasingly digitised, where many interactions happen in virtual spaces and online.

The portrayal of the body moving in space, creating a narrative, has played a prominent role in the history of video art, hardly surprising perhaps, as the theme plays to video's primary strengths and attributes: the medium's capacity to record or make sense of the passing of time and its ability to engage viewers directly with the subject of the video.

The seven video works that make up Light moves is drawn entirely from the National Collection and features works all made since 2010.


Listed with each work of art:

  • Speak your mind - talking points or provocations to unpack the works through discussion and/or contemplation.
  • Get to work - creative making suggestions that highlight key concepts
  • Think it through - ideas to aid you in the creation of works.
  • Places to go - links the artists' websites and related material
  • Vocabulary - red words within the text appear in the glossary of terms