Write a Space Story for Rocket Girl
People always ask me whether I'm fully aware of the hazards I encounter on the job: giant robots, intergalactic war, aliens wanting to use my insides in an unorthodox manner. But for a decent burger I'd face just about anything.

It's a cruisy life wandering around star systems … not tied to any planet in particular. Wanna join me?

Write your own story about the pictures below and click the 'Send' button. Make sure you give us your first name as well as your age and check with your parents first. Then we will put some of the stories on our 'Lost in Space' storyboard below





Left: Greg Bell, Every man searching, 1985
Right: Alexandra Exter, Costume model of a Martian guard for the film "Aelita", c1923
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One of my friend's name is Monkey.

Liu, 20


in 2030, I am going to see my friend in the moon, so I ask my brother to lent me his spaceship. He is so kind that give it to me. When I enter the spaceship, I found I can't drive it! How disappoint I am. Sundenly, I remember my brother has ever said the spaceship can drive itself if we know the drive programme! So I sent an Email to him and then loaddown the programme! Then I fly to the moon and had a good time with my friend.

Ken, 12


At ancient time,Chinglish teachers,Wezza (the short fat one) and Princess Caserine of the Tedious ( the long skinny one), search for their beloved planet, Aussie. Using the telescope made by their slaves, Eunice and Lucky, who are the natives of the planet Zhong Guo. Meanwhile, Wezza and Princess Caserine have Eunice and Lucky hard at work back in the computer room. They think they will change their brains into chinglish. Little do they know that Eunice and Lucky are on the verge of a rebellion, and are planning to build a rocketship to meet secretly with Rocket girl.

Eunice, 21
Zhuzhou, Hunan, China


Three young girl robots, triplets, swaggered about the parking lot looking for trouble. They were part of a renegade group of robots who were intelligent enough to reproduce their own kind, but tried, as life-forms do, to make the newer generation better. As frequently happens with humans, they were only partially successful. The copying of the triplets intelligence component had resulted in a war-like mentality. The girls were more like gang members in attitude than the dance professional/nuclear scientist team their robot parents had been aiming for. They were the bad girls of the streets. Only a specialized robot/human team would be able to keep them in line. Fortunately, the spaceport where they wandered had just such a team...

Diana, 36


Dad and I often went out and looked at the stars on a clear night. I had always wondered whether their was life, like us, on other planets. Sometimes it felt as if we were the only purple planet in the solar system. Surely there were other beings with a similar brain capacity as us, who wondered the same thing.

Kym, Oooo! Light years


kared kicks butt
wonce a pont a timc theres livid a komoizic boy whosee name was kared,. kared kickid butted

Kared, 4


The stars are bright tonight.There is a spark in your teeth I wonder why they are bothering me tonight.There was a monster under my bed so I came out here to see the stars shining so brightly.

Edith, 8


One day Rocket Girl was in her space craft and a comet hit it and it exploded.

Nicholas, 6


"I wonder if there's life out there on other planets Zirgan?" "Hmmm - it's a big place Fizzbat ... you never know." The comet smiled knowingly - he'd just come back from earth!!

Belinda, 35


The aliens were confused. What was this that had entered thier atmosphere. it was like nothing they'd ever seen before, an unidentified flying object. Could it be? was their other intelligent life out there? the answer was no. For surely if the humans had any brains at all they would not be lost in space.

Katherine, 17