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National Visual Art Education Conference 2014

Connecting Classrooms, Curriculum & Collections


21 - 23 January 2014


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Showcase presenters

Prof. Mohammed H. Aldoyhi - King Saud University, College of Education

Professor Aldoyhi lectures in Education at King Saud University and has a PhD Degree from Ohio State University (1994) and a Master's Degree from Michigan State University (1985). Professor Aldoyhi has been Vice Dean of the College of Applied Studies and Community Service for ten years. During this time he has worked on 13 thirteen research projects, which were published in several Arab University research Journals.

His main area of focus in education centres on technical methods used in teaching and problem solving methods for computer based teaching.

The Concept of Behavioural Commitment as an Approach of Aesthetic Values to the Muslim Artists

Cultures, religions and beliefs differ tremendously on various aspects of thought. This research paper focuses on the concept of time in Islam and how it affected the works of some selected classical and contemporary Muslim artists.  Time is mentioned as the most valuable thing in many verses of the Holy Quran, as well as in the Hadith – the sayings of Prophet Mohammad –which is the second source of Islam copied of the prophets' verbal sayings.

Muslim artists have, as believers, respected time and sophism; consequently, it had a great impact on their art. This research paper aims to clarify this impact through historical and critical writing from different times and parts of the world. It is hoped that this will enhance our understanding and connectedness of cultures, the following of cognitive styles and qualitative analysis by looking at the heritage of time as a concept amongst contemporary Muslim artists. This paper will also explore how concepts such as decorative arts in daily life and understandings of time and the Universe are affecting the new Muslim modern existence.

Through art production and guided history tours, we will look at the meaning and perception of time; it's different categories in relation to Islamic arts and modern Muslim artists now.

Ilsa Bennion - Art on the move

Ilsa worked as a visual art teacher in secondary schools in regional and metropolitan Western Australia for two decades before taking a turn towards non-school based arts education. As arts-edge Project Officer she operated across the education and arts/culture departments to improve access to practicing artists in WA schools. Ilsa joined Art on the move as the Education Officer in 2011 and enjoys promoting West Australian contemporary artists to students and teachers through the production of education resources and managing the artist on the move education program.

Innovative engagement in art appreciation

Art on the move has a 17 year relationship health-way for the sponsorship of the smarter than smoking artist on the move education program.  This long term commitment has enabled the organisation to send artists and curators to regional venues and metropolitan schools to present talks on touring exhibitions to students, and thus enriching their visual arts learning experiences and appreciation and understanding of contemporary arts.

Eloise Cole: Teacher, St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, West Belconnen, ACT

Eloise Cole has been teaching for 15 years across the primary, secondary and tertiary sector. She has taken up opportunities whilst working as generalist classroom teacher to develop capacity to teach visual art from foundation to year 6. She now works as a visual and performing art teacher in a primary school in suburban Canberra. She was introduced to the Kid's Guernica Project by Dr David Zyngier from Monash University and was inspired to undertake this art project with 100 year 5 and 6 children to produce a mural (3.5m x 7.8m).

This art work has been exhibited and published on the internet and came to the attention of the National Gallery of Victoria, Monash University, The Catholic Education Office in Melbourne, Frankston Arts Centre and the Victorand the Victorian State Parliament.

This is the journey of one generalist classroom teacher to build capacity to teach visual art that connects the classroom, curriculum and collections.

Drawing on case studies across two primary schools, this presentation will use anecdotal evidence to show how visual art in a classroom setting can engage students in authentic ways. Through the implementation of a Visual Art program (whether stand alone or integrated) the development of intellectual quality through learning can be achieved. Through major school based art events, school communities can be transformed leading to building positive relationships through engagement with art, artists and collections.

Describing the journey through two major art events, visual art can engage students authentically in the classroom setting where most primary school visual art education occurs. Visual art education is more than producing 'nice' pieces of 2D art work for the classroom walls; authentic visual art education is more than 'nice'.

Visual art can develop intellectual quality through the way curriculum is planned and delivered which will be illustrated through the Kid's Guernica project undertaken by a group of upper primary school students who have their collaborative art work published on the internet. Visual art can transform school communities through engagement with collections both within the school and the gallery setting. Creating and appreciating art within the school setting and the engagement with artists will be explored in addition to experiences with major public galleries.

Frances Corkhill – Arts Ready

Frances Corkhill – Program Manager NSW/ACT, ArtsReady
Frances has worked in developing and fostering strategic partnerships within the arts, creative, business and education sectors. Frances was previously the Sponsorship Manager at the National Gallery of Australia working across Corporate Partnerships, Philanthropy and Development. Frances moved onto becoming the General Manager of School Tours Australia which took the Rock the School education and entertainment program into high schools around Australia. More recently, Frances was the Business Development Manager for artsHub in NSW and the ACT, assisting to develop partnerships, grow the brand and create online advertising and editorial opportunities for the arts, creative industries, government and education sectors. As the Program Manager for ArtsReady , Frances has been fortunate to combine a passion for the arts with working with partners to invest in the arts and creative industries by developing employment opportunities for young people.

ArtsReady – Setting young people up for success

The ArtsReady program is all about a partnership with young people and industry. It is an entry level training and support program that combines practical experience at work with vocational education, allowing a young person to get their foot in the door of a career in the Arts and Creative industries. It is geared towards young people who are not coming in via the more traditional pathways of university, internships, volunteering and other ways that people have utilised to develop a relationship with their local arts organisation or creative business.

ArtReady is supported by the Federal government and sits as a program under AFL SportsReady, which is a national not-for-profit employment and education company. We have close to 20 years' experience - so far helping over 10,000 young people start their careers in a variety of back of house roles in sport, recreation, banking, finance, horticulture, IT, administration and other areas. We are currently working with close to 400 organisations from governments, schools, large corporate groups and a myriad of small and medium businesses and private companies; we have over 650 trainees across Australia of which over 220 are Indigenous trainees. At AFL SportsReady and ArtsReady we provide support, advice and tailored employment solutions to organisations, enhancing their business. For trainees we deliver support, training and education that results in quality employment opportunities.
Krysia Kitch - The National Portrait Gallery

Krysia Kitch is Program Coordinator at the National Portrait Gallery with responsibility for developing programs for both the formal and informal learning sectors. Krysia has a degree in Art History and Curatorship with Honours from the Australian National University and is currently undertaking a Master's degree at ANU. Krysia has twelve years' experience in visual art education in museums and her current role involves the scoping, development and delivery of quality education and public programs. For Science week 2013 Krysia coordinated artist master classes in paint making at the National Portrait Gallery, Gippsland Art Gallery and Deakin University Geelong.

Mapping – lines of connection

The National Portrait Gallery regularly participates in the Big Draw, an international annual celebration of drawing and in 2009 invited the Architecture studio of the University of Canberra to collaborate in developing creative programs that stimulate visitors of all ages to draw in innovative ways. The collaboration has occurred in four of the last five years and has offered excellent opportunities for the National Portrait Gallery, the University of Canberra and individual students to connect with community.  The showcase Mapping – lines of connection will illustrate the four very different projects and demonstrate the potential of collaborative art practice to stimulate Gallery visitors to get creative.

Justine E MacCormick - Teacher, Griffith High School, NSW

Newcastle University BA. (VisArt) 1995 Grad.Dip. (Fibre Art) 1996 Dip.Ed. (TAS) 1998
Australian National University Grad.Dip. (Asian studies) 2013.

Justine MacCormick is an author for the NSW DEC for teaching units in line with the National Curriculum Asia Literacy priority. In 2012 she was awarded a Korean Foundation, Korean Studies Workshop Program grant and this year I was sponsored by the DEC to undertake a Graduate Diploma, Asian Studies. This year she has been awarded advanced standing at ANU in a Master of Asia Pacific Studies. Over the last five years Justine has been a leader at Griffith High School and its visual arts program in Asian Literacy.

The Sahmat Collective: Activism and Art in India since 1989

This case study investigates the Indian cultural group Sahmat that was formed after the death of Safdar Hashmi in January 1989. It looks at its beginnings, agendas, and outlines the projects it has been involved in. The case study focuses on two projects the group have overseen and finishes with a focus on one key practitioner. The aim of this case study was to explore Indian culture and history through the activities of the Sahmat collective. The presentation will end with a brief look at how this case study can be applied in the classroom. India is identified in the National Curriculum as one of the Asia Literacy focus countries and this case study is specifically designed to meet this priority.

Lisa Jennings - Arts Victoria

Lisa Jennings has worked as an artist, lecturer & teacher and community development worker for the last twenty-five years. She holds a Master of Music and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Arts Management, and is currently completing a Master of Policy at the University of Melbourne, specializing in arts education policy.
She has taught in the music and creative arts departments at Monash University (Melbourne), Edith Cowan University (Perth) and The Charles Darwin University (Darwin), as weln), as well as at the Victorian College of the Arts High School, Methodist Ladies' College and Scotch College in Melbourne. She is currently lecturing at NMIT and managing the Extended School Residencies program at Arts Victoria. This program supports collaborations between professional artists, arts organisations and Victorian schools to deliver strong artistic and learning outcomes.

Education Partnerships and their Impact

Arts Victoria's Education Partnerships program funds collaborations between professional artists, arts organisations and Victorian schools. The highly successful Little Treasures project was a partnership between Numurkah Primary School and the newly revamped Shepparton Art Museum (SAM). Artists involved were Angie Russi, Vipoo Srivilasa, Eric Brown, Ann Ferguson and Tina Lee. This partnership delivered strong artistic and learning outcomes.

Anne Tassie - CSIRO

Anne Tassie is a Science graduate from ANU, a graduate of Adelaide Central School of Art and has a MVA from the University of South Australia. She has been a practising visual artist since 1997 with an interest in environmental art and has worked for many years in the area of Plant Science. Currently she is a volunteer at the Australian National Insect Collection.

Art and Science from a Personal Perspective

Anne Tassie has a background in both art and science and will present examples from her own art practice that examine that connection. This showcase will include a discussion of the collaboration with photographers Ian Haynes and John Tassie in presenting exhibitions with an environmental theme eg.'Terra Aqua' at CSIRO Discovery as part of Science Week 2012.