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The National Gallery of Australia is celebrating its 21st anniversary since opening in 1982. To mark the occasions some of the Gallery’s most treasured works have been travelling.

Throughout history artists have gained inspiration from others who have preceded them, (examples include: Willem de Kooning’s Woman V—possibly based on Rembrandt’s A Women bathing in a stream; Claude Monet’s Haystacks, midday—possibly influenced by Hokusai’s South Wind, Clear Dawn; Lucian Freud’s After Cézanne—a variation on the theme of Cézanne’s Afternoon in Naples; and Andy Warhol’s Elvis—based on a publicity shot for the film Flaming star).

noise—the national youth media arts festival—invited young artists to find inspiration in the iconic works of art featured as part of its RE|MASTERS Out and About project, and has encouraged responses to the works. Go to the noise.net.au website for further details.

RE|MASTERS Out and About underscores the Gallery’s ongoing commitment to providing access to its collections through its outstanding Partnership, Outward Loan and Travelling Exhibitions programs and has been made possible by the Australian Government’s national touring exhibitions grant program Visions of Australia.

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