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Picture my world is a collaborative project involving the National Gallery of Australia and early childhood educational centres in the Canberra region. This website showcases excerpts of the work of teachers and students linked to the exhibition. Schools have responded to the topic of home or sense of place in a variety of ways. Each teacher was given a set of four quality photographic reproductions of works of art from the Home at last exhibition to use as a stimulus for discussion and creative responses in the classroom.

This group is linked to REAIE (Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange) reaie.org.au


The projects


The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon — Canberra Grammar School
Early Learning Centre pre–kindergarten class, 4–5 years

This project is in response to an exploration of the book The Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse. The class was studying France and discovered more about the city through the imagination and experiences of the child in the story. They discuss relationships and emotions in relation to the narrative and illustrations and use drawing and photography to explore the symbolism of colour and how black and white photography can heighten mood and emotion.


The Red Balloon drawing project >>

The Red Balloon photo project >>


Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves — Gungahlin Children’s Centre
0-5 years

This project links house, garden, local community and the natural environment. It encourages close observation and connection to nature through concrete sensory experiences. Autumn is a strong feature of Canberra as a city and many residents associate distinct seasonal change with a connection to Canberra as their home.

Gungahlin Children’s Centre is situated in a newer suburb of Canberra with few established trees, and staff found that many of the 0–5 year old children had a limited experience of autumn leaves.

The staff at the centre expanded the experiences of the children in their care by sharing their own childhood memories and experiences of changing seasons.


The Autumn leaves project >>


What is art?

What is art? — Radford Early Learning Centre
Kindergarten class, 4–5 years

Children discuss and respond to the question 'what is art?'





The What is art? project >>


Picture my world

What is my world? — Radford Early Learning Centre
Kindergarten class, 4–5 years

This project was an opportunity for the pre-kindergarten children to think about the big idea: what is my world?

In part one, the children discussed and then responded through drawings to the question: what is your world?

The What is my world? drawing project >>

In part two, the children made drawings on paper and then moved their ideas into 3D by making wire sculptures of their designs. These wire sculptures were then put together to create a 3D world which represented their responses to the idea: what is my world?

The What is my world? sculpture project >>