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Contemporary Australian Architects 2011

Lecture series

Contemporary Australian Architects 2011 From urban to rural to pop, the full gamut of Australian architecture. Presented in association with the ACT Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. This annual lecture series showcases the latest work of renowned Australian architects. Presented in association with the ACT Chapter RAIA. Sponsored by BCA Certifiers

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Video highlights of the national collection

The National Gallery of Australia has produced 40 short videos introducing the highlights of the national collection.
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These highlights are also available via and

James Gleeson interviews Australia's greatest artists

In the late 1970s Dr James Gleeson AO, Australia’s leading surrealist painter, interviewed 98 Australian artists in their studios to discuss their works that had been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia. As an artist, curator, writer and administrator, Gleeson brought a unique perspective to these conversations. The recorded interviews form the basis of a significant resource on Australian visual arts.

Tours, Lectures and Talks

Exhibition audio tours



General Audio & Video

A listing of NGA exhibition websites containing audio or video material

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