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Robert Dickerson The new dress 1978 etching and aquatint 53.0 (h) x 37.9 (w) cm  purchased 1978

Robert Dickerson
The new dress 1978
etching and aquatint
53.0 (h) x 37.9 (w) cm
purchased 1978
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Robert Dickerson

11 June 1979 [unknown location]

Robert Dickerson: What’s happened here, I haven’t really got round to doing a great deal in the etching thing. I do the drawing on a plate and I’ve left (inaudible) and Jenny’s been sort of working on the etching to see—you know, it’s a part of her.
James Gleeson: Oh, she works with you on it.
Robert Dickerson: Yes, yes.
James Gleeson: Does she do the actual printing?
Robert Dickerson: Yes, she does the printing. She’s done all the printing on these ones.
James Gleeson: I see.
Robert Dickerson: But I’ve got a young chap, Rick Badger. You know him at all?
James Gleeson: No, no.
Robert Dickerson: He’s very good. You ought to have a look. He does the etchings now. I do the plates and he does the etchings. But I’m going to carry it further. When I get a bigger house I’ll be able to put a press in.
James Gleeson: I see.
Robert Dickerson: You know, I’ve always wanted to do it, because Freddy Williams keeps showing me and then Arthur Boyd keeps showing me every time I see them and I feel so inferior, you know. You do it?
James Gleeson: No, no. I did a lot as a student, just one as a sample piece.
Robert Dickerson: It would suit you. Actually, it would suit you.
James Gleeson: I’m always interested in it.
Robert Dickerson: These are all little home grown etchings here, you know.
James Gleeson: Well, tell me about them, Bob. This one’s The new dress.
Robert Dickerson: Oh, that’s Carmella, my daughter, a new dress. That was for her birthday. I actually did that little etching for her.
James Gleeson: Are they straight etchings or do you use drypoint or a combination?
Robert Dickerson: No, it’s straight steel point etching on a zinc plate and straight on to the press.


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