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Garry Shead, Bruce Latimer (printer) 'You've come! At last!' 1974, screenprint, printed in colour, from multiple stencils, 12.8 h x 20.2 w cm, purchased 1976

Garry Shead
Bruce Latimer
You've come! At last!
screenprint, printed in colour, from multiple stencils
12.8 h x 20.2 w cm
Purchased 1976
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Garry Shead

 20 June 1979

James Gleeson: So it’s a long process. Now, this is You’ve come! At last! That was the other silk screen.

Garry Shead: Yes.

James Gleeson: This was done by yourself?

Garry Shead: That was done with Latimer too.

James Gleeson: With Latimer too. Again, the pop imagery, the comic strip imagery.

Garry Shead: Yes. I don’t know what you can say about it.

James Gleeson: No sense of irony in it? You’re not in a way sending it up, or are you interested in the comic strip forms and characters for their own sake?

Garry Shead: I was very interested in comic strips, the Phantom particularly. I was making a film at the same time. I did a film on the Phantom. He’s become a bit, or had become a bit of a cult kind of figure.

James Gleeson: Yes. Did the film come before this?

Garry Shead: I think around about the same time. No, no, that came before. Yes, the film came before that.

James Gleeson: So that this is a sort of spin off from your interest in the film?

Garry Shead: Yes.

James Gleeson: I think I saw that film. Did they show it at Gallery A at one time?

Garry Shead: Probably, yes.

James Gleeson: I think I saw it there.

Garry Shead: Everyone was in that.


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