Revolutionary Russians
Commemorating the centenary of Shostakovich

Film at NGA

From the revolutionary age to the modern day, explore Russia’s transformation through the eye of the camera. Russian propaganda movies and contemporary cinema are presented in conjunction with the NGA ’s Revolutionary Russians exhibition.



Detail from poster for Battleship Potemkin

detail from poster for Battleship Potemkin

Battleship Potemkin
Sunday 10 December  2 pm

Eisenstein’s great film tells the story of a protest strike on the Russian battleship Potemkin that sparked a riot and an attempt to ignite a revolution in Odessa

16 mm film, 1925, b/w, 67 min., PG






film still from Oktyabr: Ten days that shook the world

film still from Oktyabr: ten days that shook the world

Oktyabr: ten days that shook the world
Sunday 7 January  2 pm

Celebrated director Sergei Eisenstein reconstructs the Bolshevik attack on the Winter Palace and the victory of Lenin in the second Russian Revolution of October 1917

16 mm film, 1927, b/w, silent, 67 min., PG






film still from Russian Ark

film still from Russian ark

Russian ark
Sunday 21 January  2 pm

Told in one fluid shot, Russian ark is a pageant of colour, motion and music. The magnificent Hermitage Museum, home to some of Western art’s greatest masterpieces, is the setting for a magical journey through 300 years of Russian history amid fleeting glimpses of Catherine II, modern-day museum goers, and the doomed family of Nicholas II

35 mm film, 2002, 96 min., G




film still from Dr Zhivago

film still from Dr Zhivago

Dr Zhivago
Sunday 28 January   2 pm

Starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie, the Academy Award winning Dr Zhivago is an epic story of life, love and freedom in a society turned upside down by the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution

35 mm film, 1965, 197 min., MA



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