DI MAURO, Sebastian, 1955
Artist Biography

Clip, 2001
45mm astroturf, steel
100.0 cm x 178.0 cm x 230.0 cm


Clip is a development from a recent body of large sculptures entitled floccus, which were constructed from a steel frame covered in carpet underlay. Clip's form explores the close relationship between people and nature, and extends my ongoing sculptural investigation. The irrepressible human desire to replicate and improve on natural forms is a key theme in my present practice. Within the process of creating Clip I have diversified from using natural jute fibre carpet underlay, which has characterised much of my recent practice, and used synthetic grass to 'coat' the underlying steel structure, forming a skin of sorts. The fake 'grass' offers a dialogue between the real and the artificial, and extends the nature/culture debate, which is central to contemporary art production. Clip alludes to the Australian time-honoured weekend pastime of lawn mowing, as well as to the traditional European art of topiary, which has been embraced by many Australian gardeners in the pursuit of a manicured, formal garden.

Clip refers to the current debate about the role of public sculpture; of bringing the outdoors in. This work is imbued with a humour influenced by an ironic Australian attitude. It encourages us to laugh at ourselves in an indulgent yet self-deprecating way, whilst bringing into question some of the more curious, inexplicable realities of contemporary life. I like the idea that Clip may be the perfect solution for someone living in a small apartment with no space, who wishes to have a garden. In this sense Clip might offer a whimsical thwarting of traditional notions of sculpture.

For me art needs to directly relate to everyday life. Much of the artwork I produce includes the use of ready-made household and commercial products. I am interested in the process of the transformation of ordinary objects into something poetic and metaphoric. The power of this sculpture lies in its ability to transport the viewer beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Sebastian Di Mauro, October 2001

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Clip, DI MAURO, Sebastian, 2001
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Clip, DI MAURO, Sebastian, 2001