AH XIAN, 1960
Artist Biography

Human Human - Lotus Cloisonné Figure 1, 2000 - 2001
cloisonne ware
160.0 cm x 55.0 cm x 33.0 cm


Australia, as a vast continent with such a peaceful and beautiful environment, has given me a most valuable thing I believe I would not be able to get elsewhere - a free and peaceful mind. The distance (both geographical and spiritual) between China and Australia and to the world has created for me a vast spiritual space to develop my own concepts, art languages and idea towards life. I believe my mood and state now is neither Australian nor Chinese but somewhere in a wide and free space.

I'd like to stress the point of a peaceful and meditation-like LIFE state. It is a philosophical commentary, rather than political. I extremely hate all kinds of political struggling, fighting, power gaining and the endless wars that exist in this world: no matter if it's between religions, races, nations or even just because of different values. The struggles come from people's narrow minds - intolerance, but also endless avariciousness and our leftover animal nature. We have evolved technologies on this planet, but once we doubt human nature, doubt ourselves on a spiritual level, a black hole appears. Have we actually become civilized?! My idealised figural works are about human beings, about our culture and civilisation, about nature surrounding us, about the exquisite elegance and beauty we appreciate. I say: 'I am not an enemy to any one, but can't be a friend of everyone as well.' In other words, I'm not against anything, but can't agree with everything. It sounds like 'chan ji' but it's close to the truth! I really believe when everybody fully understands it one day, then this world will be filled with peace.

My works have been deliberately created to combine both art and craft, permanent and fragile, responsive yet closed, lustrous but cold, disturbing but peaceful, rational and emotional, old and new, traditional and contemporary. Craft is never a disadvantage in ART. It is very important how you see it and how you use it. I don't think that 'art', especially 'avant-garde art' has to be with tendencies of abstract, deconstructive, temporary, casual, violent, clamour, give vent, high-tech dependent, wasteful, massive and messy.

(To subdue ten thousand changes by having no change and/or vice versa).

Ah Xian, September 2001




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Human Human - Lotus Cloisonné Figure 1, AH XIAN, 2000 - 2001
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Human Human - Lotus Cloisonné Figure 1, AH XIAN, 2000 - 2001