Artist Statement

Glen Murphy explores the interaction of numbers and simple approximations of nature applied out of context. His aim is to computationally connect wonder and reality. His works originate from fragments of thoughts which form into pieces after short bursts of writing, tweaking and extrapolation of the original ideas. The process is entirely feedback-driven with bugs, coincidences and hundreds of iterations combining to produce the finished work.

Inspired by the flow of a thick brush on canvas, the motions of planets around suns, the tendrils of smoke from an extinguished match… e-site manifests a shape made by the trail from two hundred particles moving independently about a common free-roving centre-point.

The result is a neverending exploration of curves – the bend in the flight of the centre-point resulting in a follow-on parabolic deflection in the asymmetric wave of particles.

e-site was created in 2002 and is part of a series of java-based works housed on Murphy's personal website