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Imaginary view of the city gates,Veneto
18th Century
Imaginary view of the city gates,Veneto
[Capriccio con porta civica e città Veneta]
Oil on canvas
116 x 131 cm  [HxW]
Galleria Nazionale, Parma

Bernardo Bellotto was Canaletto’s nephew and only true pupil. The dark shadows, cool colour and emphasis on detail are typical of Bellotto’s work. Dated around 1740 this work was painted from the Erbe Bridge in Venice. On the right is the Renaissance residence of the Dandolo family and in full sunlight in the middle distance the façade of the great Scuolo di San Marco. In the distance the dome and bell tower of the church on the island of San Michele are visible.

Bernardo Belloto’s Imaginary view is going to Melbourne only

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