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Artist VENINI & C (manufacturer)
Birth 1923, Murano, Italy
Artist BIANCONI (designer)
Birth 1915, Padua
Death 1996, Milan, Italy
Title Fazzoletto corroso (Handkerchief) vase
Date design 1948, manufacture c.1950
Medium blown, acid-etched corroso glass
Dims 30.0 x 26.0 cm
Collection National Gallery of Australia Purchased 1997
AccNo 98.19
  The Venetian island of Murano has been a centre for glass for centuries. Venini is one of its best-known firms, producing a wide range of expressive and flamboyant glass, including this folded handkerchief-shaped vase. It has been produced since 1948 in a number of different sizes and glass styles, making it one of the most recognisable of the objects that characterise postwar Italian design. This version, in translucent mauve glass, has a textured surface known as corroso. This technique produces a corroded, weathered surface by partially masking the surface of the glass before it is etched with acid.






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Vase,  HOFFMANN, Josef; WIENER WERKSTÄTTE, ; 1915, Purchased from Gallery Restaurant Funds 1984
Amber folded form,  LITTLETON, Harvey; 1973, Crafts Board of the Australia Council Collection 1980
Terraqueous,  REA, Kirstie; 2001, Purchased with the assistance of the Thomas Foundation 2001
Orange Cleavage-Smith,  ROLFE-POWELL, Stephen; 1997, Purchased with the assistance of the Art Gallery Board of Trustees
Vase,  Unknown maker, ; 3rd quarter, 4th century AD
Fazzoletto corroso (Handkerchief) vase,  VENINI & C, ; BIANCONI, ; design 1948, manufacture c.1950
Ø X 3 (Lens Series),  WHITELEY, Richard; 1998
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Fazzoletto corroso (Handkerchief) vase,  VENINI & C, ; BIANCONI, ; design 1948, manufacture c.1950