Inner Worlds
Artist BRUCE, Jane
Birth 1947, United Kingdom
Title Red Object # 2
Date 1995
Place Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Medium kiln-formed, blown Bullseye glass, wheel-cut
Dims 25.0 x 17.0 x 10.0cm
Collection Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery Purchased 1996
AccNo 1996.005

Jane Bruce is an acclaimed glassblower who has concentrated her research and practice on the formal and expressive possibilities of the vessel, its form, function, decoration and history.

Despite her focus on the vessel tradition, Bruce's 'objects' serve no practical function. Rather, they are the basis for experiments with technique and form. Here, wheel cutting exposes the internal layers of contrasting colour and pattern.






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Red Object # 2,  BRUCE, Jane; 1995
Mind Play bowl,  GORDON, Kevin; 2001
Guardian 1,  HIRST, Brian; 1985, Purchase funded by Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery Society
Wira (carrying dish),  KULITJA, Rene; 1996
Not at Home,  MOWBRAY, Ian; 1989
Winter Pear and Summer Pear,  STADUS, Pam; 1993
Simultaneous voyage 3,  WILLIAMS, Maureen; 2000
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Red Object # 2,  BRUCE, Jane; 1995