Opaque Counterpoint
Artist LOUGHLIN, Jessica
Birth 1975, Australia
Title Close Distance 42
Date 2000
Medium slumped, fused and cold worked glass
Dims 6.0 x 83.0 x 16.5cm
Collection Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery Purchased 2000
AccNo 2000.004

Jessica Loughlin has developed a subjective and contemplative style of kiln-formed and lathe-worked glass object. These are conceived as variations on a shape like a shallow and elongated canoe.

The dappled surfaces of Loughlin's works reveal subtle differences of texture, while the forms themselves are bisected lengthwise by a 'horizon line', on either side of which a tonal variation is established.

Evocative of a minimal landscape, the works are variously translucent and opaque, and are further enlivened by faint texts engraved in a spidery hand to convey, according to the artist, 'a suggestion of the memories of the land…histories of which only a small part of the evidence is left'.






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Close Distance 42,  LOUGHLIN, Jessica; 2000