Opaque Counterpoint
Artist SOTTSASS, Ettore (designer)
Birth 1917, Innsbruck, Austria
Artist TOSO VETRI D'ARTE (manufacturer)
Title "Alcor", vase
Date 1983
Medium blown and hot-worked glass
Collection National Gallery of Australia Purchased 1988
AccNo 88.1510

Ettore Sottsass is one of the most expressive and original designers working in Italy and was the key figure in the Memphis group of designers, established in Milan in 1981. Their work was a vivid expression of post-modernism, a new approach to design that welcomed decoration and drew from popular culture and historical design. Sottsass designs in many materials for both mass and limited production of technical equipment, appliances, furniture and domestic objects.

This expressive and totem-like vase is typical of his approach, combining vigorous form with the confident and flamboyant decoration that has always been a hallmark of Venetian glass.






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