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    Mind Play bowl,  GORDON, Kevin; 2001
  Inner Worlds
Artist GORDON, Kevin (designer, engraver)
Birth 1968, Bergen Norway
Title Mind Play bowl
Date 2001
Place Perth, Western Australia
Medium blown, triple inner-cased, engraved, sandblasted and polished glass
Dims 18.0 x 34.0 x 34.0 cm
Collection National Gallery of Australia Purchased 2000
AccNo 2001.49

Kevin Gordon has a strong reputation for his work in engraved cameo glass, a technique used by few glass artists in Australia due to its technical complexity and long production times. Gordon's work reflects the influence of nineteenth century French cameo glass, which was itself a revival of glass-decorating techniques developed in ancient Rome.

To make this bowl, three layers of coloured glass were blown together, under Gordon's direction, in a technique known as triple-casing. He then carved the relief decoration through these layers, using the techniques of sandblasting, engraving, wheel-cutting and polishing. This work reflects the human image as a fluid expression of the natural world.