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    Stria (Olive/Cobalt),  CURTIS, Matthew; 2001
  Opaque Counterpoint
Artist CURTIS, Matthew
Birth 1964, Great Britain
Title Stria (Olive/Cobalt)
Date 2001
Place Sydney, New South Wales
Medium engraved glass
Dims 52.0 x 22.0 x 22.0 cm
Collection National Gallery of Australia
AccNo 2001.45

Matthew Curtis works with the glass technique of casing and cameo carving, in which layers of different coloured glass are carved away to reveal contrasting layers beneath. This work is blown in several layers, allowing different colours to be revealed through cutting with diamond wheels and blades. The final finishing is sandblasting and acid-polishing.

The interplay between internal and external 'skins' of his blown vessels is articulated in this work by the cutting which reveals the inner volume and outer form of the work. This work is a confident statement about Curtis' technical expertise and his understanding of the relationship between glass and light. With its use of strong colour, matte surfaces and horizontal banding, it has a striking graphic appeal and sense of volume.