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    Neckpiece,  COURTNEY, Giselle; 1989
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Artist COURTNEY, Giselle
Birth 1960, Australia
Title Neckpiece
Date 1989
Place Sydney, New South Wales
Medium lamp-worked, borosilicate glass, lustre, stainless steel wire, silver plate
Dims 5.5 x 18.0 x 24.5 cm
Collection Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery Purchased 1989
AccNo 1989.021

Giselle Courtney makes glass jewellery and small-scale sculptural objects using the technique of lampworking. Traditionally, this method has been employed in the production of decorative glass paperweights, laboratory equipment and fancy glass ornaments.

In lampworking, glass rods or tubes are heated in the flame of a blowlamp or gas jet. Rendered pliant in this way, the glass is blown or manipulated into abstract or naturalistic forms. Typically, lampworked forms are small in scale and intricate.

This Neckpiece demonstrates Courtney's penchant for assembling multiple elements of silver-plated glass in compositions that reflect and refract light to suggest the play of sunlight on the dappled surface of a rippling stream.