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    Guardian 1,  HIRST, Brian; 1985, Purchase funded by Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery Society
  Inner Worlds
Artist HIRST, Brian
Birth 1956, Australia
Title Guardian 1
Date 1985
Place Sydney, New South Wales
Medium cast-blown glass, fired gold lustre, engraved
Dims 30.8 x 15.5 x 9.5cm
Collection Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery
Creditline Purchase funded by Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery Society
AccNo 1986.025

Brian Hirst combines various techniques - including casting, blowing into a mould, free-blowing, gilding, cutting, engraving and acid etching - to produce forms reminiscent of ancient ritual vessels.

While the gilded and engraved detail of Hirst's glass reflect his close study of antique decorative traditions, the flattened and tapering shape of this work is inspired by the featureless heads of prehistoric stone carvings from the Cycladic islands. These carvings are thought to have been symbols of fertility.

In Hirst's Guardian I, a heavy red-brown sacswells the upper portion of this vessel. The rim is embellished with gold lustre like a Renaissance chalice. A gilded panel beneath is incised with a short 'text' in a manner that reflects Hirst's early training as a printmaker.