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    Puka Vase,  ROBINSON, Ann; 2000, Funded by the Thomas Foundation
Artist ROBINSON, Ann
Birth 1944, Auckland, New Zealand
Title Puka Vase
Date 2000
Place New Zealand
Medium cast glass, nikau green fading to orange lip
Dims 63.0x 16.0 cm diam.
Collection Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery
Creditline Funded by the Thomas Foundation
AccNo 2000.006

This New Zealand artist casts her glass vessel forms by the 'lost wax' technique, a process commonly associated with the casting of bronze sculpture. Anne Robinson's variation on the 'lost wax' method involves filling a mould with fragmented glass which is is heated in a kiln.

Powerfully sculptural in character, Robinson's works represent stylised plant forms. Her main source of inspiration is the flora and fauna of her local region.

The distinctive waxen surface of Robinson's vessels recalls the smaller pâte-de-verre (glass paste) vessels and objects made in France in the early 20th century. The Puka vase is notable in the artist's recent output for the subtle fading of one colour into the next.