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    Vase,  POWOLNY, Michael; LÖTZ WITWE, Johann; 1915-18
  Opaque Counterpoint
Artist POWOLNY, Michael (designer)
Birth 1871, Judenburg
Death 1954, Vienna, Austria
Artist LÖTZ WITWE, Johann (manufacturer)
Birth 1836, Kla·teriský Mlýn, Czechoslovakia
Death 1947
Title Vase
Date 1915-18
Medium blown and hot-worked cased glass
Dims 13.0 x 21.0 x 20.7 cm
Collection National Gallery of Australia Purchased 1986
AccNo 86.1226
  The Austrian architect and designer Michael Powolny was, with Josef Hoffmann, one of the key figures in the Vienna Secession, a group promoting the development of modern design in Austria at the end of the nineteenth century. Their work was characterised by simple linear, cubist design, emphasising luxurious materials and craftsmanship. Powolny designed mainly for ceramics, often using chequerboard and black and white design motifs. His designs for glass emphasise the strong shapes and the clear, saturated colour that are possible with this material.