Painting Forever: Tony Tuckson
Director's foreword

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Tony Tuckson 1972 (photo: Margaret Tuckson)

Painting Forever: Tony Tuckson forms part of the National Gallery of Australia’s extensive travelling exhibitions program. We seek to bring the very best Australian and international art to a national audience.

The National Gallery is indebted to Mrs Margaret Tuckson and Mr Michael Tuckson for making their precious collections available with such generosity, as did many private and institutional collectors. From the exhibition’s inception, they have recognised the imperative to reveal to a wider audience the splendid legacy of one of our less well known and yet most important contemporary artists.

The art of Tony Tuckson is one of Australia’s great treasures. A private artist for both personal and ethical reasons, he produced some of the best expressionist art ever made here. He was also an innovative and committed senior arts administrator for over 20 years, responsible for presenting to the Australian public some of the earliest and most comprehensive exhibitions of Australian Aboriginal art and Melanesian art.

From the earliest works of Tuckson’s art school days through to the haunting autobiographical masterpieces of the early 1970s, Painting Forever pays tribute to a modest, self-proclaimed ‘Sunday painter’ who is of the greatest significance to Australian art.


Dr Brian Kennedy

National Gallery of Australia