Contemporary Architects Speaker Series


For the past 17 years the ACT Chapter of the Australian Architects Institute and the National Gallery of Australia have been presenting the engaging and exciting Contemporary Australian Architects Speaker Series showcases the work of renowned Australian architects.

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Top image: Mount Franklin Visitors Shelter, ACT, by University of South Australia architecture and design students and David Morris. Photograph: Ben Wrigley

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Nick Tobias

7 September

Nick Tobias, Sydney architect and founder of Tobias Partners architecture and design studio, introduces recent projects from their portfolio.

Tilba Pavilion, NSW, Photograph: Justin Alexander

Andrew Maynard

14 September

Andrew Maynard, one of Australia's top emerging designers, has received international recognition for architecture and experimental designs.

Tattoo House, Vic, Photograph: Peter Bennetts

David Morris

21 September

David Morris, Senior Lecturer Architecture & Design Uni SA, explores prefab systems & autonomous servicing technologies for remote locations.

Mount Franklin Visitors Shelter, ACT Photograph: Ben Wrigley

NMBW Architecture Studio

28 September

Marika Neustupny, Lucinda McLean and Nigel Bertram, NMBW Architecture Studio, emphasise urban engagement and culturally specific design. Their projects focus on particular site conditions and various local traditions.

Sorrento House, Vic, Photograph: Peter Bennetts