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  1. James Turrell | Talks & Lectures Televisions and Turrell
    May 5 12:45pm Simeran Maxwell, Assistant Curator for James Turrell: A Retrospective, speaks about Turrell's Magnetron series, including his playfully titled work Bullwinkle.
    Venue: James O Fairfax Theatre
    Price : Free
  2. Always & forever | Talks & Lectures Curator's perspective: Ephemeral/Everlasting
    May 7 12:45pm – 1:15pm Elspeth Pitt, Assistant Curator, Australian Prints and Drawings, discusses works by Minna Gilligan and Marian Tubbs and considers how the digital domain has transformed print practices.
    Venue: NGA Contemporary
    Price : Free
  3. Ramayana | Talks & Lectures Hanuman and the monkey army
    May 9 12:45pm Event Cancelled POSTPONED TO 9 JULY. Claudia Hyles, independent researcher, examines the role of the monkey god Hanuman, known for his courage, power and loyalty, in the Ramayana story.
  4. Ramayana | Talks & Lectures Ramayana: myths and realities
    May 12 12:45pm Event Cancelled POSTPONED TO 2 JULY. Dr Richard Barz, retired lecturer, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, discusses aspects of the Ramayana story that have impacted on the political and religious development of societies across South and Southeast Asia
  5. Special events | Talks & Lectures Sasha Grishin Lecture
    May 16 2:00pm Sasha Grishin talk on John Wolseley followed by a book signing. Bookings essential. Book here
    Venue: James O Fairfax Theatre
    Price : Free
  6. Children's exhibition | Talks & Lectures Curator's perspective
    May 21 12:45pm Event Cancelled Join Melanie Eastburn, Curator Asian Art as she explores the world of children's costume