Australian Art
Geometric Abstraction: room 2

Geometry has provided a source of structure, material organisation and visual language for designers and object makers for centuries. It has shaped the design and construction of objects that we live with daily, from large buildings to the smallest components of jewellery.

The integration of high-keyed colour, graphic design, geometric art and industrial materials that characterised interior design, architecture and product design of the 1960s through the 1980s occurred at the time of a revival of interest in studio crafts, stimulating object makers to explore these materials and forms in new ways. Combined with the influence of organic design and functionalism, Australian designers and makers began to explore industrial aesthetics and technologies to forge a new material and visual language of craft.

Objects displayed here show how geometry has been used by Australian designers and makers to extend their ideas and to link their work to the wider worlds of architecture and science. The geometric shapes found in these works can also be seen throughout the NGA building and beyond, to the layout of the city of Canberra.