Exhibition themes Chancay & Chiribaya

Less centralised than other states, the Chancay of the central coast were noted for their important textiles and idiosyncratic ceramics. The best known of these are black and white vessels made from moulds, showing humanoid beings with arms outstretched. They are less finished than other ancient Peruvian ceramics. On the other hand, weavers demonstrated technical perfection and aesthetic brilliance, from complex open-work to the finest cloth, sometimes using painted designs.

The Chiribaya culture of southern Peru flourished in the fertile western valleys that stretch from Ilo to northern Chile. The culture’s farming, fishing and marine occupations were reflected in the grave goods that accompanied their dead. They created many tubular headdresses and pectorals in a style excavations similar to the Tiahuanaco culture. The Chiribaya were also expert textile artists and potters.