Family Activity Room

About the room

  • Open throughout duration of exhibition
  • 10am – 5pm Mon-Sun including public holidays
    (closed Christmas day)
  • Late opening on evenings of Friday 28 February and 1, 7 & 8 March, 5 – 9pm

Open during exhibition hours, children 2-12 years, to be accompanied by an adult. Entry is included in the exhibition ticket.

Pre-booking is not possible. If the room is full, staff may request a family returns in 10 minutes.

  • Free of charge upon entry to exhibition.
  • Entry via Room 4 of the exhibition.
  • A children’s audio tour and exhibition trail are also available
  • View childrens events

The activities

Discover the amazing cultures of Peru behind the massive jigsaw walls of Machu Picchu in the Gold and the Incas exhibition Family Activity Room. Travel the Inca Trail with a team of camelids, trading precious materials and food from the rugged terrain of the Andes, through deserts and river valleys to the ocean.

Children can immerse themselves in the ancient Peruvain way of life: spin and weave alpaca wool, learn about the importance of the sun, moon and stars, create a legendary gold and silver garden, wear feathered masks and ornate costumes to transform into god-like beings, decorate ceramics with fantastical creatures and even crawl through an interactive treasure-filled tunnel.