For Australians, exploration, understanding and education are important when travelling abroad and Peru attracts thousands of inquisitive travellers fascinated by the mystery of lost cities and past civilizations.

While Machu Picchu is a highlight for any trip to Peru, the country is also full of archaeological sites which date back earlier than the ancient times of the Incas, when great civilizations left a superb legacy of their art, customs and rituals.

Some of Peru's wonderful historical, cultural and agricultural experiences include:

Living Cultures – Sharing Experiences

Peru's distinguishing seal is its living culture – an experience not to be missed. Whether it's participating in ancient rituals such as an offering to the earth, or working in the field next to farmers, participating in a parade during one of the many festivals, riding a Peruvian paso horse, or learning to dance to Afro-Peruvian or Andean music – there is something to suit every traveller's appetite for culture and adventure. The best way to enjoy the hospitality and kindness of a country is by immersing yourself in the culture through experiential tourism. Homestays in Lake Titicaca and community projects in the Sacred Valley offer visitors an exclusive opportunity to live within local communities and discover their heritage, language and ways of life first-hand - delivering a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience.

Cultural and Historical Discovery

Archaeology – Hundreds of Wonders

10,000 years of history can be seen in one of the largest networks of archaeology found in the world – and the largest in South America. Progress reached by the ancient Peruvians in the areas of arts and science never ceases to amaze. Take for example the city of Caral, the oldest in the Americas. Then there is Machu Picchu, Incan citadel and newly elected Wonder of the World. Yet there is so much more: The Nasca Lines, the mysteries of Pre-Columbian civilizations along the Moche Route in the North, like those of the Lord of Sipan and the Governess of Cao, Chan Chan, the fortress of Kuelap and the Inca Trail signify that Peru is catalogue of treasures which bear witness to its glorious past.