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The last frontier Theme: Cities & Suburbs

Artist: Nicholas NEDELKOPOULOS
Birth/Death: 1955

Title: The last frontier

Credit Line: Gordon Darling Fund 1989. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

An astute observer of an urban, media-mad people, Nicholas Nedelkopoulos pulls the rug from under the Australian myth of sun, surf and a fair go for all.

A frieze of copulating bodies reveals the suburbs to be a hive of polymorphous perversity. In the bookshelves Germaine Greer, A.B. Facey, Peter Carey, David Malouf, Patrick White and Helen Garner sit alongside AC/DC, Slim Dusty, Cold Chisel and Col Joye.

Dominating the image is a banner pronouncing 200 YEARS OF GENOCIDE, draped across a house where a confrontation takes place between Aboriginal people and white police. Created on the eve of Australia's Bicentenary, The last frontier is a fierce satire on social and political unrest.

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