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Jarlujangka Wangki Theme: Patriotic Duty

Artist: Jimmy PIKE
Birth/Death: 1940

Title: Jarlujangka Wangki

Credit Line: Purchased 1986. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Jimmy Pike, who began making art in the 1980s while serving a prison term, is renowned for his energetic line work and adept handling of the painting and printmaking media. His works have a graphic quality and describe his home desert country - the endless sandhills, submerged waterholes and intense shimmering heat of this harsh environment.

For Jarlujangka Wangki Pike has employed a dual perspective to relate the narrative - the radiating element may represent simultaneously a campfire and a bomb, while dragonfly-like bombers are silhouetted against the agitated ground. The vulnerable family group is dwarfed beneath the overwhelming turmoil and movement in skies above.

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