the national gallery of australia presents fullscreen: explorations in new media an innovative program of speakers, artists and performers from the forefront of digital art.

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presented on the last saturday of each month  : :  2pm  : :  march to september 2004  : :  entry free  : :  no bookings required

james o fairfax theatre  : :  national gallery of australia  : :  parkes place  : :  canberra


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saturday 27 march
mmtv | multimedia on television

jeremy boxer [resfest, usa], screens music videos and television advertisements that have been heavily influenced by multimedia.

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image: johnny hardstaff and paul mcgeoch  resbaby  2003 ©

Daniel Crooks Train 1 2003 [still image from] DV/DVD 4:10 minutes Edition 5 Courtesy the artist and Sherman Galleries, Sydney


saturday 24 april


images swirl on a screen. a controller in front of it invites you to grab on and start playing. is this a game? or is it art? how can you tell the difference between a computer game and new media art? chris chesher [university of nsw], explores the convergence of new media art and computer games.

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image: char davies  tree pond  1995 digital frame captured in real-time through hmd (head mounted display) during live performance of immersive virtual environment osmose

onedotzero 2006

saturday 29 may

almost a decade after the introduction of the Netscape web browser, online art has evolved into a networked world of its own. explore the dynamic, diverse and at times challenging territory of online art, online exhibitions, and new networked forms.

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detail: adam nash  scorched happiness  2003  3d multi-user live performance [still image]

saturday 26 june

zombies and cyborgs  : :  prosthetic head,  partial head  and obsolete bodies
stelarc is an australian artist who has performed extensively in japan, europe and the usa — including new music, dance festivals and experimental theatre. he has used medical instruments, prosthetics, robotics, virtual reality systems and the internet to explore alternate, intimate and involuntary interfaces with the body.

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detail: stelarc  prosthetic head  2002  interactive installation [still image]

onedotzero 2006

saturday 31 july
beautiful cyborg 2

beautiful cyborg 2 celebrates the visual themes typical of hard sf and cyberpunk anime in which japan excels, and combines it with a heady mix of musical motifs, textural sheets, pulsating rhythms and unearthly sounds which float throughout the auditorium in dolby digital 5.1 surround-sound playback.

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detail: armitage dual matrix  2001  anime [still image]  © aic/pioneer ldc inc. © pioneer entertainment [usa] inc all rights reserved

onedotzero 2006rth

saturday 28 august

a one hour screening of artistic, experimental animations from around the world.

sur:reel brings together artists, designers, filmmakers and vj's who are considered to be working ahead of the curve in digital video, animation and motion graphics.

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detail: anne-maree taranto quantum dreamtime  2003  digital animation [still image]

onedotzero 2006

saturday 25 september
mari velonaki

velonaki documents several works, including pin cushion, unstill life, throw and fish–bird: autonomous interactions in a contemporary arts setting, a new collaborative research project with the australian centre for field robotics.

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detail: mari velonaki embracement 2003  light reactive installation [still image] courtesy of the artist and novamedia