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screenphysical : : 29 july : : 2pm


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jonathan duckworth black on white, white on black 2005 (installation detail) digital photograph


digital media artist and designer jonathan duckworth [melbourne] discusses the inspirations and motivations behind his recent virtual reality art works that explore physical aspects of human–computer interaction and the materiality of the screen.

as a digital artist and architectural designer jonathan duckworth operates between art and technology, in the field of design and new media arts practice. he has a particular interest in exploring kinaesthetic experience and the aesthetics of interactivity as it relates to understanding multi-modal qualities of digital and physical space.

duckworth’s broader research interests explore hybrid practice, design and interaction in virtual environments that operate between the digital sphere, the human body and physical space. his main focus is the use of virtual reality technologies and computer visual simulation in the creative process. he questions a broad range of emergent phenomenological effects that virtual environments present to our experience of engagement, place and presence in real and subjective worlds.

duckworth’s work is informed by a broad range of current research in virtual reality graphics technology, interaction design, physical computing and new electronic materials that bring to the fore unprecedented scope to modify our spatial experiences.

the artist has collaborated extensively as an artist and designer in a number of large-scale projects working at the virtual reality centre, rmit, and continues to do so through his current phd research at the school of creative media. he has exhibited digital artworks both nationally and internationally including group exhibitions at ars electronica, linz, the biennale of electronic arts, perth, and the australian centre for the moving image, melbourne.