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the National Gallery of Australia presents fullscreen 07 : : explorations in digital media, a diverse program of artists, performances and screenings from the cutting edge of digital art. the highlights of this year’s program include talks by a graphic designer, a curator, and artists who explore beyond the conventions of their practices and transcend the traditional boundaries between disciplines.

fullscreen is an insight into current issues and future trends in digital media art and will interest the enthusiast and initiate alike.

: : all sessions free
: : james o fairfax theatre : : national gallery of australia : : parkes place canberra

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next wave festival 2006 (detail) next wave festival 2006 (detail)



sunday : : 29 april : : 2 pm

adam gardiner, qube konstrukt, melbourne, discusses the history and philosophy of this cutting-edge design studio whose clients include next wave festival, state of design and mtv.

: : presented in conjunction with the birth of the modern poster exhibition


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strange weather: scatter plot (detail) still from interactive 3d visualisation

john tonkin strange weather: scatter plot 2005 (detail) still from interactive 3d visualisation

experimentation + play

sunday : : 27 may : : 2 pm

john tonkin, artist, discusses his work with photography, animation, film, science and software


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rooster teeth red vs. blue rooster teeth red vs. blue



sunday : : 24 june: : 2 pm

helen stuckey, curator, acmi games lab, melbourne, explores machinima, an art form created using computer game technology to ‘shoot’ movies


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jonathan duckworth black on white, white on black 2005 (installation detail) digital photograph jonathan duckworth black on white, white on black 2005 (installation detail) digital photograph


sunday : : 29 july : : 2 pm

digital media artist and designer jonathan duckworth shares his exploration of human–computer interaction and the materiality of the screen


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