image: Marco Bresciani and Sam De Silva Australian Mirror D Interactive Installation Collection of the artist.

Marco Bresciani and Sam De Silva

Mirror D
Interactive installation

Collection of the artist.

In this age of surveillance, Mirror D’s facial analyses can have sinister implications. Like the mirror that never lies, technology is often imagined as impartial. Mirror D however demonstrates how easily digital technology can manipulate visual truths.

When a person’s face is detected by Mirror D a random number of digital effects will be inflicted upon its reflection – perhaps the eyes, nose and mouth regions will shrink or bulge, maybe a ripple effect will warp the head. The image might be cloned to produce multiple reflections or the eyes of the current user may be replaced by those of a previous one.

Mirror D is an output of the Digital Mirror Project, produced with the assistance of Film Victoria’s Digital Media Fund, and is a work in progress that explores stereotyping and categorisation.