image: Craig Walsh, David and Steven Thomasson, Keith [RP11-345A12] 2003, Animation

Craig Walsh, David and Steven Thomasson

Keith [RP11–345A12] 2003
still image from digital video

Collection of the artists.

Who or what is Keith [RP11–345A12]? GODLAB Enterprises, [ the fictitious company that created Keith [RP11–345A12] ], explains:

Keith [RP11–345A12] represents a new model in our collection of family members, targeting the ‘alternative’ market and average income couples, 15–30 year old. Unlike organic offspring, digital offspring provide breeding solutions for couples wanting to fulfil public expectations to become parents without the associated time, labour and responsibility associated with the organic variety.

Potential parents can choose the type of digital offspring they would like based on individual interests and lifestyle beliefs. They can also extend and enhance a couple’s ‘public image’. For example, Keith [RP11–345A12] is not averse to loud music until early in the morning and displays all the brandings associated with a rock and roll lifestyle, sure to be a hit when friends drop over for a drink after a gig. Whether you choose a model to match your sofa and interior, or you want to present lifestyle and fashion choices through your digital baby, the satisfaction of parenthood no longer warrants any type of sacrifice