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image: Steven Mieszelewicz, Nimrod and Asaf Weiss 'Virsual - the digital rockinghorse' 2003 Interactive installation

Steven Mieszelewicz, Nimrod and Asaf Weiss

Virsual the digital rockinghorse 2003
computer generated image of Interactive installation (interface component)

Collection of the artists.

Virsual – the digital rocking horse is a wireless, ride-on rocking horse equipped with its own motion sensor device. As riders saddle up a 3D game is activated and displayed on screen. The game interaction has been designed to mimic the motion of a real rocking horse, so that by rocking faster riders increase their speed across the terrain.

Riders journey through a vast 3D simulated environment on the fictitious Virsual Island, travelling through fields, collecting apples and horseshoes on their way towards the end of the rainbow. Encounters with advice dispensing chickens, friendly fish and giant snails help guide the way. Designed as an immersive, accessible installation with an alternative navigational interface, Virsual – the digital rocking horse is the ultimate toy for the future.