The knighted English sculptor Sir Anthony Caro has completed two projects at Tyler Graphics. He was born in England in 1924, and after completing his studies at the Royal Academy Schools in London, became Henry Moore’s assistant. Moore’s influence saw Caro begin to work in an Abstract, Modernist manner and he continued to develop this style throughout his career. Caro’s sculptures are usually executed on a large scale, but his oeuvre also includes a variety of small works, including those made at Tyler Graphics.

In 1982 Caro created a series of 124 paper relief sculptures, and he returned in 1993 to complete a further series of 35 paper sculptures. In collaboration with Kenneth Tyler and other workshop staff, Caro created these sculptures from paper pulp, plaster, and other materials. The resulting works are delicate explorations of the sculptural qualities of Tyler’s unique handmade papers. They provide a stark contrast to Caro’s usual work in steel and other industrial materials.
Emilie Owens

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Last updated January 2017