Sculpture Garden Sunday 2008


Sunday 9 March
10.30 am – 1.30 pm
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Fern Garden frottage, Sculpture Garden Sunday 2006

Fern Garden frottage, Sculpture Garden Sunday 2006

Welcome to a day of creative community fun in the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Australia. Drop-in workshops are designed for children and their families, are free of charge and take place in the Sculpture Garden. Activities are facilitated by local artists, Gallery voluntary guides and education and public programs staff. Parents are asked to supervise their children at all times.

Visit the information tent in the grassed area for assistance and information.

A First Aid station is provided.

Please note changes to parking conditions due to extensions to the building.

This event is subject to weather conditions.

10.30 am - 1.30 pm Drop-in art workshops:

Under the trees for under threes
Enjoy play dough, drawing, sensory and water play activities under the trees.
grass area | Margie Kevin, co-ordinator

Painted panorama
Create a continuous landscape with drawing and paint inspired by the view out to the lake.
grass area | Adriane Boag, co-ordinator

Fantastic flags
Design your own banner using frottage, collage and weaving with natural and man-made materials. Add your creation to an installation of colourful flags making tracks between trees.
grass area | Margaret Salt, co-ordinator

A-Maze-ing cardboard
Create abstract forms, castles and mazes out of cardboard boxes surrounded by monumental steel sculptures. Make your own box structure and play in it!
grass area | Tony Steel and Tess Horwitz, co-ordinators

Earth bones
Shape, carve, manipulate and polish clay to play with space and form taking inspiration from Henry Moore’s Hill arches.
gravel area beyond the pond | Teffany Thiedeman, co-ordinator

Sculptures in situ
Draw patterns and shapes in the garden. What can you find hidden amongst the bushes, reeds and mist?
gravel area | Penny Low, co-ordinator

Head on!
Make a head to place in and around the pond with Dadang Christanto’s Heads from the north
gravel area | Roy Marchant, co-ordinator

Catch the cone
Draw the drama of shadows cast and shapes in space at Bert Flugelman’s Cones.
gravel area | Sue Gascoigne, co-ordinator

Me too!’ “Ik ook!"
Build your own structure or work in a group to see what daring balancing acts you can create based on Mark Di Suvero’s Ik ook!
grass area | Richard Blackwell, co-ordinator


Explore sculpture indoors and out with free children’s trail activity booklets

National Australia Bank Sculpture Gallery
Collect a Discover the National Australia Bank Sculpture Gallery booklet from the information tent.

The Sculpture Gallery can be accessed from outdoors via a door near the pond on the paved area (for the duration of the event only). Ask the security officer on duty at the door to assist. No food /drink and only bags the size of a regular handbag indoors please. If you have a stroller please note that this entrance does include some stairs.

This new booklet will be officially launched at Sculpture Garden Sunday by a representative of the National Australia Bank at 12.15pm.

This new booklet will be launched at Sculpture Garden Sunday by a National Australia Bank representative.

Sculpture Garden
Collect a pencil and activity booklet from the information tent and have fun exploring the sculptures in the Sculpture Garden.


Fog sculpture

 Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog sculpture will be functioning from 11.30 am – 2.00 pm during the event.



 Ickle Pickle Theatre Company will engage audiences with a theatrical response to sculpture during the morning.



Be entertained by local bands

10.30 am – 12.15 am
‘Kooky Fandango’

12.30 am – 1.30 pm
‘Dr Stovepipe’




Safety in the Sculpture Garden

To keep your family and the works of art safe, please:



Photography is permitted in the Sculpture Garden

Your child may be photographed during the course of this event by an official Gallery or press photographer who will request your permission. Photographs are used in Gallery publications and promotional material without the insertion of the child’s full name.



We need your feedback to help us learn more about events for families and children. Please complete an evaluation form from the Sculpture Garden Sunday information desk on the day.

Leave your email address at the information tent if you would like to receive information about future events at the Gallery for children and families.


Gallery membership

For family membership enquiries see the event information desk (link to Membership info)

To learn more about the Gallery and membership collect a free poster and magazine from the information tent


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