Asian art provenance project
Items purchased from Art of the Past, New York

A number of sculptures in the NGA Asian art collection have been subject to national and international scrutiny due to the allegations against Mr Subhash Kapoor owner of specialist commercial gallery Art of the Past, New York. While awaiting the outcome of legal proceedings, the Gallery is investigating the provenance and reviewing documentation for all works of art purchased from the art dealer. Images and details of these works of art are available here.

A bronze sculpture of Shiva Nataraja from the Gallery’s collection has been named in a case against Mr Subhash Kapoor. It was returned to India on 5 September 2014, see media statement, and is the subject of a claim by the Indian government.

Media statement 27.03.2014 : In response to a request from the Indian Government to the Australian Government, the NGA voluntarily removed Shiva as Lord of the Dance (Nataraja) from public display and it is now back in India. Please also see the statement released by the Attorney-General's Department.

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