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Mathematics teaches skills in three areas: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Proficiency in mathematics is relevant to the lives of all Australians.

About the selection

This selection of works of art encourages students to think laterally by approaching mathematics in a visual way. Works in the selection visualise concepts such as volume, depth, space, fractions, linear perspective, geometry and three-dimensional modelling. This is particularly useful in helping visual learners understand the abstract concepts of mathematics.


These works can be used as interpretive tools to illustrate simple mathematical concepts or as catalysts for deeper conversations about the way in which mathematical reasoning and understanding can be articulated visually or creatively. Works such as Maurits Escher’s Tetrahedral planeloid 1954 reference mathematical strategies to create unfamiliar worlds, engaging the mind to explore the relationship between real and illusionary elements.

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