DETAIL : [Detail] Tim MAGUIRE, Hollyhocks 1991 [Detail], lithograph, Australian Print Workshop Archive 2, purchased with the assistance of the Gordon Darling Australasian Print Fund 2002, � National Gallery of Australia


This exhibition celebrates the work produced at the Australian Print Workshop between 1981 and 2002. It is a snapshot of the involvement of Australian artists in the production of prints and their concerns stylistically, technically and politically during these two decades.

In the last twenty years, over 1000 artists have used the facilities of the Australian Print Workshop. Its skilled staff, technical excellence and innovative approach to printmaking has made it the ideal creative environment such as Rick Amor, Noel Counihan, Fiona Hall, Akio Makigawa, Davida Allen, William Robinson and Sally Smart.

Established in North Melbourne in 1981, the Workshop has been situated in inner city Gertrude Street, Fitzroy since 1991. Under the directors John Loane, Neil Leveson and currently Anne Virgo, it has flourished. The Australian Print Workshop is inclusive of artists embracing all styles of work, from realistic portraits to pixilated abstractions. There is no ‘house style’ and the prints produced by etching, lithography and other techniques reflect the diverse approaches of the artists. Some are already skilled in printmaking and independently access the APW’s facilities, while others are guided by the expertise of the Workshop’s senior printers.

The Workshop has been involved in many special projects, from the Australian Bicentennial print project of 1988, which included the first prints by Mike Parr; to providing hotels, such as the Crown Casino, with original prints for its rooms and public spaces; to the Wurreka 50 metre long etched zinc wall mural by Judy Watson for the Melbourne Museum. The Workshop has also been highly active in facilitating the production of prints by Indigenous Australian artists, particularly in remote communities and the promotion of Australian prints overseas.

In 2002 the National Gallery of Australia acquired the Australian Print Workshop second archive of workshop proofs, a collection of over 3,500 prints by artists Australia wide. The acquisition was made possible through the assistance of the Gordon Darling Australasian Print Fund.

The exhibition place made: Australian Print Workshop includes 93 works by 57 artists. It opens at the National Gallery of Australia on 31st January 2004 and will then travel nationally. All the works in the exhibition can be browsed through from this page or the collection of over 3000 works and images can be viewed in its entirety through the search section of this website.

The 5th Australian Print Symposium will be held at the National Gallery of Australia on 2nd, 3rd & 4th April 2004. It will coincide with the major exhibition place made: Australian Print Workshop.