Anton BRUEHL | Model Ruth Curlett in red sun hat

Australia 1900 – United States of America 1982
United States from 1919

Model Ruth Curlett in red sun hat 1936
half tone
image 33.0 (h) x 25.0 (w) cm


In the mid 1930s Edward Steichen pioneered the use of discreet semi-nude shots in an advertising campaign for Cannon towels. Bruehl rarely attempted such material. His shot of Ruth Curlett seen from behind and modelling nothing more than a red hat was an anomaly and perhaps meant to show he that could match Steichen. It was intended to be a cover of Vogue in 1936 but was considered too risqué for the postal service and moved to an inside page. The model, Ruth Curlett, defended the photographer’s discernment, saying ‘I was adequately clad in Bruehl’s best shadows’.

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